Preparing For Race Day

a. Read the several instructional documents provided to you at the volunteer section of the web site and during marshal training
b. Review an area map to understand exactly where your intersection is.
c. Estimate the best way to travel to your intersection as well as how long it will take to get there.
d. Consider how the racecourse and temporary road closures may affect the time it takes you to get to your intersection.
e. Study an area map to understand alternate routes for motorists if there are longer than expected delays at your intersection. You may need to direct them on a detoured route.
f. Charge your cell phone and assemble the supplies you will bring with you the day of the race, so your travel will not be delayed the morning of the race.

g.  Please save these phone numbers onto your phone:
Race Director 0411 757 577

10. WHAT TO BRING (some suggestions):
a. Hat, sunblock, insect repellent, appropriate clothing
b. Snack or drink if desired (take note of nearby bathrooms or woods)
c. Folding Chair (only sit where you can watch – stand as racers approach)
d. Umbrella and Rain Gear (check forecast – race is rain or shine)
e. Pen/pencil and paper
f. Copy of the race map
g. Fully-charged mobile phone (turned on with ringer set to maximum)


Let’s see if you recall some of the things mentioned.