In The Event of an Emergency

a. Move any bicycles obstructing the roadway.
b. Enlist the help of others if necessary.
c. A wheel/support vehicle will likely stop to help.
d. Remember that other competitors may be arriving shortly – make sure that someone continues to perform the marshalling duties to prevent any further accidents.
e. In most instances, the injured competitor will get back on his/her bike and resume the race. If the cyclist is conscious and alert, ask if he/she can remove themselves from the road.
f. If the cyclist(s) is unable to move on his/her own or is unconscious, dial 000 immediately and advise the dispatcher the location and nature of the incident.
g. In the event of an unconscious cyclist, determine if anyone nearby is CPR qualified. If not, the 000 dispatcher will give you instructions.
h. If CPR is being performed on the competitor by you or someone else, remain on the line with the dispatcher – do not hang up – continue to give updates on the injured party until medical assistance arrives.
i. As emergency vehicles arrive, direct them to park off the course if possible.
j. Use your radio to contact the next race support vehicle to advise them of the situation if the roadway is obstructed
k. If there are sufficient personnel at your intersection, have someone move up the road to warn approaching cyclists with a sustained burst from a whistle or raised flag.

7. IN THE EVENT OF A PROBLEM WITH A MOTORIST (belligerent, drunk, etc.):
a. Do not provoke the motorist.
b. Avoid a verbal or physical confrontation.
c. Make note of the license plate number and state of issue.
d. Also, note the make/model/colour of the vehicle, and a physical description of the driver, if possible.
e. Call 000 immediately and describe the nature of the incident.

a. A final race vehicle will follow the last racer on the course to tell you when the event has concluded.
b. If this is the last day of your assistance at the event, please turn in your gear (radio, vest, flag, & whistle) to the final car. Occasionally, this follow vehicle gets delayed.
c. We may ask volunteers to coordinate with their Marshal Zone Coordinator and have the Zone Coordinator pick up the supplies from marshals.
d. If for some reason you are not able to have an individual pick up the supplies from you, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator after the race.


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