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Why a small investment in Sports Marketing may be the best thing for your business right now.

Sports Sponsorship is the fastest growing communication niche in the world, growing at double the rate of advertising in all developed countries. Sports Sponsorship works via value transfer.

Triathlons and Cycling events are FUN, Healthy, High Energy, Community Building, Family inclusive. Sponsors enjoy the value transfer.. giving their brands more POWER, ENERGY and EMOTIONAL APPEAL.

The transfer of emotion from event or person to the sponsoring brand is often called a HALO effect. Many big and powerful brands such as Nike got that way by snagging HALOS. With Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, Nike took on the air of cool mastery to dominate sports apparel.


Emotional Connections RULE!

Emotional triggers create the buying impulse. In his groundbreaking book BUYology, Martin Lindstrom conducted the largest neuromarketing study ever conducted. He proved that emotions dominate buying decisions WHY?- because emotions are the way our brains encode things of value, and a brand that engages us EMOTIONALLY wins every time. (Think Apple or Harley Davidson).

By sponsoring our sporting event you’ll be creating POSITIVE EMOTIONAL ASSOCIATIONS to your brand.

Boost Your Community Centredness

Traditional advertising is disruptive communication. “Here’s an advertisement for something you’re probably not interested in”. Sponsorship is different. By contributing to something people value, sponsors win the interest and respect of the involved consumers. You’ll be a more respected part of the community.

Sponsorship in a NXsports Event represents GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!

More cost effective than the purchase of advertising time or space, Sponsorship will deliver more eyeballs, more of a targeted reach to consumers more inclined to appreciate your contribution, rather than feeling disrupted by your advertising message.

Free Media

There will be plenty of opportunities for coverage in electronic media, print media, plus a whole PR campaign that we conduct in the months coming up to the event. You’ll enjoy free coverage which leverages your investment to generate a great deal of publicity for relatively little money.

Bring Clients and Employees to the event

Enjoy enormous Social Value. Sponsorships give you the opportunity to entertain your best clients and employees at a desirable event, in your own corporate tent with catering laid on!

Better, still enter staff as participants for a great morale boosting team building experience

We include a team entry pass valued at $200* as part of the sponsorship package of benefits. With your team members involved it will be an unforgettable day – and really assist with staff morale and staff loyalty to your business.

Engage in FUN ways

Beyond the rights sponsorship, sponsors are encouraged to deliver involving roles and participation at the event/s. For example, offering something to participants in the way of refreshments, encouragement, assistance with race items etc can deliver a fan building emotional experience.

Targeted promotions

Many sponsors create offers that are of interest to competitors and their families and use our websites and newsletters to get the message out there. We allow for 3 or 4 dispatches to our list with various offers or specials if you so desire.

A Smart Investment… with flexible payments.

We able to accept your sponsorship decision with as little as $1,000 to start and the balance spread over 3 or 4 payments if required.

We will also accept a portion of the sponsorship in services, or contra, to the value of the sponsorship for certain goods and services.

Guaranteed Value for Money

We’re certain this opportunity is the best value for money, emotionally positive exposure for your business that we offer this guarantee. We will quantify the media exposure and benefits to your business, and prove beyond doubt that you’ve well and truly had great value for money.

You see we want you as a Raving Fan for the next event, and to keep you as a delighted sponsor into the future.

Compelling Reasons to Energise Your Brand…

Sponsorship of our sporting event will deliver more benefits than your usual advertisements, with more powerful EMOTIONAL ASSOCIATIONS for your brand.

Right now we have an opportunity for you, with some BONUS OFFERS if you’re quick, to get involved.

Please refer to the sponsorship matrix for specific figures and benefits for various levels of sponsorship.

Remember we have flexible payment arrangements and a Value of Money Guarantee.


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