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Mission Statement

“We are a sporting competition and event management Group that focuses on delivering a dynamic experience to our participants in both social and competitive marquee events.”

A long term sports competition manager in the City of Brisbane through Premier Touch Football and City Touch Football brands –, our Group predominantly operates events in the Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales market space. We offer varying sports, events, activities and with established bases in the Tweed Shire and Byron Shire.

Our interest lies in sustainable, long term and fun ventures that ultimately provide returns on investment for all stakeholders. We encourage and pursue the opportunities for our team members to participate, and or compete to maximise their personal involvement and athletic satisfaction.

We are recognised as:
a leading marketer to the recreational athlete;
a passionate junior development agency;
and an advocate for supporting the less advantaged groups.

Our strengths are: our sports knowledge as the participant, our determination to succeed with new developments, our commitment to long term community relationships and our focus on delivering great experiences to the participant or athlete. The Group of associated entities operate in four streams:-

  1. Competition Management
  2. Event Management
  3. Athlete Development
  4. Community Programs


Competition Management

Queensland Sports Management has been operating for over eighteen years as a Competition Manager for football based sports for up to forty weeks a year and in its peak seasons prior to the 2011 Brisbane Floods, delivered sport to nearly nine thousand people per week.

The football group under our management includes:-

  • Premier Touch Football
  • QSM Referees
  • City Sports Association Limited includes:-
  • City Touch Football
  • CityKidz Juniors
  • Queensland Touch League
  • The Australia Touch League
  • Casuarina Cup Touch Football Festival


Event Management

QSMSports Pty Ltd was created to house the steadily growing range of activities and events of the broader Queensland Sports Management Group. The QSMSports development strategy commenced with earnest some six years ago and now includes some notable iconic events :-

  • Battle on the Border Cycling Festival (multi-division road racing tour)

NRS Men Cycling Race Tours (Cycling Australia Elite teams racing program)

NRS Women Cycling Race Tours (Cycling Australia Elite teams racing program)


  • Kingscliff Triathlons November edition (Christmas race); and March edition (Queensland State Championships)
  • Tweed Coast Enduro (Half Ironman Triathlon)
  • Byron Bay Triathlon (Last Triathlon of the Season Celebration)
  • Brisbane Blast (Inner City Criterium Racing)

Each event has its own unique location whether in seaside communities of Northern New South Wales or the inner CBD streets of Brisbane and South Bank. We focus on promoting for each event its own style, be it racing or socialising with friends at the Saturday afternoon party atmosphere of the Byron Bay Tri.


Athlete Development

Our interests in sport include the development of the athletes in juniors, elite and masters groups though particularly juniors and women.

We have conducted for some years a junior athlete development program which has now become the Nexgen QSM Junior Athlete Foundation. The Nexgen Foundation offered scholarships for under15, under 17, under 19 and under 23 cyclists. The program is whole of life program including independent living skills and leadership development along with athletic coaching and personal development. A number of junior international professionals have been nurtured in our programs including Jay McCarthy and Mike Hepburn.

We have conducted numerous athlete training camps, junior emerging talent selection camps and other older age group corporate camps. Our offering includes management and hosting of national championships and funding of individuals in difficult financial situations with major emphasis on regional and rural access.

Since the creation ten years ago of the QSMRacing team based in Brisbane, our team has continued from strength to strength and is today close to fifty racing cyclists predominately in Masters and Elite grades. The social fraternity that links team sees the mens and women visit all the major races in Australia and Europe each year.


Community Programs

As situations arise we offer and provide pro bono services to assist individuals and organisations with strategic, professional and legal advice. Recent works include a mulit-year development project to transition Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club, and supporting services to emerging sporting organisations during their formative phases such as the Koala Beach Sporting Group.

We conduct fundraising activities for individuals and bring corporate attention/assistance for worthwhile community causes. Our efforts to share our resources with other smaller organisations permit access to our substantial buying capabilities, insurance and expertise.

All of our events and activities include charity fundraising and a strong emphasis on community organisations contributing and being rewarded for their efforts. Surf Life Saving Clubs, Football Clubs, Church sporting groups, Rotary Clubs, State Emergency Service Groups are all part of our planning and engagement models for our events. We utilise the ‘local management committee’ and ‘community grants’ methodologies.

Our engagement with graduates from Griffith and Queensland University for work placement often creates a team of up to eight spread across our various business activities, operating in two streams – social media / marketing, and operations / logistics. The front line experience of real projects is invaluable for the graduates and many extend beyond the four month placement securing part-time employment with us. Additionally we attract from France normally students seeking English speaking work experience in sports management and these placements are for six months.

Our consultative processes with community stakeholders for major events is substantial and acknowledged widely, along with our post event evaluations and reporting. Return on investment for all stakeholders is a key element of our management agenda.



Core Competencies

Our experience over the many years has resulted in a mentality of ‘know your customer personally and be fast and efficient’. Although we appreciate the value of sales first, excellent service remains an absolute belief which we constantly strive to achieve.

As a fast growing event organisation we have sought efficiencies through technology and rewarding our large volunteer work force through paid engagement. We assess opportunities, move quickly and then do not retreat until the mission is achieved. We are highly innovative and have created new models, standards and methods which have more often than not become the new market standards.

It is our view that we therefore are competent:

  • Sports Administrators
  • Event Project Planners
  • Sales People



The Group operates as separate organisations, often with competing brands and seeks to engage passionate and highly skilled individuals to deliver its varied services.
Over the years, we have provided work experience and employment opportunities for more than forty graduates and are constantly seeking individuals who have good ideas.

Since the Brisbane floods, our usual management structures have needed to adjust in Competition Management and expand due to a rapid growth of our Event Management venture, often with strongly competing resource, management demands.

The breadth of our operations from managing a Cycle Race Team, to running the Byron Bay Triathlon and doing business restructuring for a Surf Club demonstrates the cell based structure is effective in a diverse sporting world.

During 2016 we are further building Local Management Committees (LMC) with permanent part-time staff at sites such as Tweed Shire and Byron Bay with governance being centrally controlled from our head office.

Local Management Committees are formed with specialists who are appointed and paid to manage various services or operations.



Mike Crawley

Manager-Competition & Event activities responsible for developing opportunities and implementing strategies.


Simon Sawyer

Group Director & company solicitor, performing financial management and corporate compliance.


Event and Administration Manager; is responsible for the operations for all events.



Competition Manager; is responsible for the marketing and sales of the competitions.

Associations & Strategic Working Relationships

Through our various sports we have built relationships with Associations and also enjoy strategic
partnerships with certain entities such as:-

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Cycling Australia
  • Cycling Queensland
  • Cycling New South Wales
  • National Touch Rugby Association
  • New South Wales Police
  • Queensland Police
  • Touch Football Australia
  • Triathlon Australia
  • Triathlon Queensland
  • Tweed Shire Council

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to supporting minority groups, individuals in need and organisations under
threat is clearly evident. Our ability to provide professional advice, legal and financial services
and as required funds has allowed us to respond quickly.

Our mentality has been that elite sports absorb excessive resources which are profoundly
created through the participation of social sportsperson at a grassroot level.

We are a committed social justice advocate inside and outside sport.


Get in Touch

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Registered Office: 90-92 Chinderah Bay Dr, Chinderah NSW 2487
Post: PO Box 1366, Kingscliff NSW 2487
Brisbane: 2/215 Wharf St, Spring Hill QLD 4000
South Australia: Port Elliot SA 5212


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