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Help Us Deliver Positive Outcomes for Community and Youth Development with Tax Deductable Donations & Sponsorships


NXsports Community Foundation Limited needs your tax-deductible assistance.


Next Generation Junior Youth Development

Jay McCarthy (below) is a product of our NXgen junior athlete development program. Moving forward our 2017 funding will make these community sports more accessible for young people and also for people with disabilities.


Disabled & Disadvantaged Participation

NX Grants Funding Community Groups

From each event, we contribute towards these community groups.

Getting People Moving- Community Fun Runs- Team Involvement Events

Byron Bay Lighthouse Run generates funds for various charities.



Funding our Junior Athlete Development Program, access for Disabled and Disadvantaged, and fueling our NX Grants to Sporting and Community Groups. Choose the Donation or Sponsorship Channel, and if you prefer, nominate where we should allocate funding.


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