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Don’t you hate it when an event gets cancelled for bad weather, or some other disaster?

Announcing NX Event Insurance- As part of your activity booking.

NXsports has teamed up with an insurer to cover your entry costs in the event of cancellation by the organiser for whatever reason. In addition, if you book accommodation that’s impacted by cancellation, those expenses can be covered too**.

Q&A on Insurance:

Q How much does it cost?
A 4.9% of registration fee. This is already included in all registration costs, you don’t need to pay anything extra.

Q What does it cover?
A Your registration fees, one day licence fee (if applicable), environmental levy, and insurance premium plus any outlays like accommodation costs if booked through NXsports in one transaction.

Q What doesn’t it cover?
A 3rd party flights or accommodation not booked through NXsports.

Q Can I elect to pay it or not?
A No. To achieve the lowest premium we’ve had to insure all registrations across the event/s.


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