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NXsports is a Member of Event Protect, the industry standard in event cancellation protection.

Our Membership of Event Protect provides certainty of our ability in the case of a cancellation / postponement / abandonment / curtailment of an event covered under the Event Protect Programme, to provide refunds directly to ticket holders in a fast and transparent way.

As a Member of Event Protect, NXsports is protected against all risks that are:

  • beyond the control of the event organiser and NX Sports; and
  • not listed in the event cancellation policy exclusion list

Examples include, but are not limited to: adverse weather conditions, key event supplier failure, transport failure causing a cancellation, breakdown of key equipment etc.

Please note, the Event Protect Programme is not a replacement for any insurance a customer may directly arrange for their own protection and does not provide any direct cover or benefit to Members’ (Our) customers. Customers purchasing tickets and services hold no rights under the Programme.

For more information and a list of all inclusions and exclusions, please see: https://www.eventprotect.co/images/Event_Cancellation_Policy.pdf

Q&A on Insurance:

Q How much does it cost?
A 4.9% of registration fee. This is already included in all registration costs, you don’t need to pay anything extra.

Q What doesn’t it cover?
A 3rd party flights or accommodation not booked through NXsports.  Any event occurring on the the event cancellation policy exclusion list.

Q Can I elect to pay it or not?
A No. To achieve the lowest premium we’ve had to insure all registrations across the event/s.


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